The Big East Blast
The Big East Blast


History of the Big East Blast

Peter Martin, Founder & Master Blaster

The first Big East Blast Party was held in March 2011 at the Pennsylvania Hotel In NYC. With very short notice, 25 men attended the Blast. My idea was to bring together relatives, friends, teammates and opponents from the NY CHSFL and the college ranks. Not stopping there, I included coaches I coached with and against, players I coached and coached against as well as coaches who coached me and against me. Since the Big East basketball tournament was being held then, I chose the Big East Blast name. My goal was to invite people from all over the country, specifically bringing guys together that had not been seen in years.  

When these men showed up, I saw the surprise, joy and shock on each of their faces. They were amazed that I had found these guys. As I witnessed this amazement, I decided to have a Blast 2 Party but to also greatly expand our base. I recruited help from some of the Blast 1 attendees to get more Blasters to come. I titled my helpers as "Captains", and one was made a "Colonel" for his great recruiting contributions. Blast 2 attendance grew to 60 men with Blasters from 12 states. The amazement was amplified greatly at Blast 2. Obviously the more Blasters the more permutations for an even greater time.

Blast 3 had 75 attendees from 13 states including California, Florida and Arizona. We would have had more guys but a funny thing happened to me on the way to the Blast! Nonetheless, the show went on and it was the greatest Blast thus far!

I have had offers for sponsorships and even TV coverage for the Blast. However, when I created this concept, I simply envisioned this to be a great party, like somewhere between a great football wedding and a great bachelor party - you get my drift! That is what the Blast shall always be! A party created and sponsored by the Master Blaster and the Blast Committee, for all the Blasters, with all the Blasters! We have the winning formula. All we ask is that you let your friends who you like and respect know about The Blast and invite them. Also we ask you to think about guys you want to invite but do not know where they are. Let us know about them and we will do our best, which is pretty good and we will go get them!

"Happy trails to you until we meet again!"

Pete Master Blaster and the Blast Committee



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