The Big East Blast
The Big East Blast


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Hey Pete,   It comes down to one thing ! I had a BLAST ! With all the BS in the world , holding on to what helped form who you are and provide you with the building blocks to provide the direction for the next generation is awesome Kodo’s my brother!     Can’t wait till next year! Mike Ambrose, Iona Prep & University of Dayton

It's pretty amazing when you think about how unique the Blast is. I never heard or read about anything like it. My freshmen class of guys from Nova is a special group that gets together annually and we're starting to see each other more often but we all played on the same team. To meet guys from a league whose teams played against each other and to reminisce about certain games and even particular plays in a given year is pretty remarkable. John Heim, Cardinal Spellman HS, Villanova University

Can’t tell you how enjoyable it was for me the other evening. And to think, it took a chance meeting with Gene Harris to know about the BLAST. I will reach out to my fellow footballers at the Mount, class of ’69. Thanks. Job well done. Ralph Denatale, Mount St. Michaels

Good morning, Pete. You and your team scored another big win with Blast 7. Terrific fun to spend an afternoon with a room full of FB guys. My teammates had great time and we hope to bring more next April. I really enjoyed visiting with Bill Stetter, and especially with fellow coaches Renzi & Guido. We emphasized to our teams that "the battle is won before it is fought (Sun Tzu)"- the result is all about the preparation. Well, the fun will be had before the party begins; the work you Art & others put in preparing guaranteed we'd all have a great time. Thanks for all you do.Al Groh, Chaminade HS, Univ. of Virginia, NY Jets


Pete: Thank you. The "BLAST" is bigger & better than ever. Many highlights - especially seeing Renzie. Please add my brother-in-law Mike Giordano to the "Blasters". Ed Sforza, Iona Prep, Villanova


Peter: My sincere thanks for honoring me at the Blast ... Seeing my friends and reliving the memories made it a night I will not forget ... See you on the 25th of April 2018 ... I will be there with bells on. Coach Renzie Lamb, Iona Prep, Williams College


Peter: What you do for ALL is incredible! You need 1,000 moves to accomplish all that you do. The Blast was beneficial beyond measure for many. Congratulations! Denny Golden, Holy Cross HS; College of Holy Cross


What makes the Big Blast so "Magical"? Seeing the people that you haven't seen in many, and I do mean many years. And it doesn't matter what school they played for. Tom Kiley from Chaminade and I played summer league baseball together from grammar school through H.S. But then our paths went in different directions; he went north to Holy Cross and I went south to WM & Mary ... and our paths had not crossed until last night ... 50 years later. Everyone should have an experience like that ... that's why we all keep coming back. Art Louise, Holy Cross HS, College of William & Mary


Pete, Tremendous event.  Coach Lamb had a great time.  He offered up to me, "as long as this is in April, I'll be here every year." That says a lot. Thanks a lot for inducting him. Thanks for running such a great event. Dan McCarthy, Chaminade


Pete: Had a terrific time. Good to see some old (and I DO mean old!!) faces! Jim Lambert, St. Francis Prep; University of Rhode Island


The Blast was fantastic. Seeing Denny Golden and the other members of my Holy Cross team was special. I regret I did not spend more time witth my Hayes guys. Bill Stetter, Cardinal Hayes & Holy Cross HS


Pete, great job as always.  I can’t image the amount of work that goes into planning the event.  Thanks for the HOF honor also, it meant a lot.  We are all very fortunate to have been part of the CHSFL which helped mold and shape us into what we have become today.  Thanks again!!! Tom Ehrhardt, Holy Cross HS, URI, NY Jets


The Blast event was fantastic. Your efforts were heroic and I was so glad to Get Charlie there! I have not seen him that engaged in years. He did not stop talking. Getting all those guys (coaches and players) from his college days was the best medicine.  It was truly a great surprise being put into The Big East Hall of Fame. Seeing Coach Stetter and Coach Maiolo brought back many memories and I was glad to be able to say thanks to them. Once again great job and Thanks Pete! Chris Brauer, Cardinal Hayes


Art Louise & I agreed it was the best Blast yet. Your idea for the Hall of Fame was brilliant. It adds another dimension beyond just the reconnection aspect, which in and of itself is pretty amazing. Art Louise & Frank Orzo, Holy Cross HS


Pete: My compliments to you for doing an outstanding job in putting together and hosting the reunion. As always, it’s a pleasure reconnecting with so many great men both from Hayes and Holy Cross. Needless to say, it is always nice to see Bill Stetter. Coach Guido Maiolo, Holy Cross HS & Cardinal Hayes HS


Pete: Another great night! Thanks for hosting a truly amazing event. It’s the only time all year where I find myself back in time and everybody is still the same as they were in high school and college. Bill Spelman, Iona Prep


Many thanks, Big Pete, for another wonderful party, most importantly a chance to get together and break bread with, in Coach Al Groh's words, "football guys"!! It was great to see so many of the Holy Cross, Cardinal Hayes, Iona Prep, Chaminade, and URI guys enjoying each other. You guys are an inspiration, really, and Dick Sforza and I talked about you on the way home to Philly, lamenting that we wish there were more guys from Spellman and the Mount who would come to The Blast. But that's on Dick and I, my Brothers, to reach out and recruit our respective HS teammates for next year.


It was especially heartwarming to see Denny Golden and his band of "Merry Men" at the front table. God Bless You Guys for making the effort to get to the Blast and thank you, Denny, for getting all your guys up on the stage to be recognized. It was a beautiful thing!!


Finally, thanks again, Pete, for the time and effort you invest all year long to make this event possible and so memorable!!


Pete: The Blast was just that! You did a terrific job of organizing the event and all the details. It was a lot of fun to spend the afternoon with a room full of “football guys”. I enjoyed a very much talking with Bill Stetter – a highlight of the evening. Al Groh, Chaminade HS, University of Virginia, New York Jets, NY Giants, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, University of North Carolina


Pete: Thanks for all your hard work in making the Blast special. I think we all appreciate this great opportunity to see old friends and also to meet some new ones. Great to see Tom Harris, Denny Golden and Guido among others. You have proven once again that you are the man!! Coach Bob Griffin, Holy Cross HS; University of Rhode Island


Pete, You and your crew do a great job !   Thanks for all the work you do to put this together. Kevin Koop, Iona Prep


Thanks Peter….it was a blast….we really liked the hotel and the accommodations. I met some good people that I didn’t know  and had a lot of laughs. Doug Randall. URI


Another great job, you are one of a kind. Thanks Pete.  Tom Pugh, Holy Cross HS


"Simply a night to rejoice in the quality of men that we have all become. Thank you for your great efforts to make this work." Jerry Hevern, S. Francis Prep and Harvard University


"Just a quick note to thank you for allowing a bunch of guys to come together to share in lifelong friendships and war stories (often exaggerated but who cares) over some spilt beers this past Wednesday! It was special and I know how much hard work goes into making an event like that even possible. With much appreciation, thenk you Pete." John Carlucci, Iona Prep, Rutgers University


"Thanks so much for all your work Pete. Your super human effort made the 2015 Blast absolutely fantastic. It only took a few minutes and lo and behold all the boys were 40+ years younger and ready to play ball again. But more importantly, we shared memories about our lives and stories of old. Seeing Larry "The Lyncher" Lynch, Giggi Walters, Ron Hren and docs Graebe and Knaus present this year was the best. Pete, ytou have a talent for making everyone feel so welcome and important. I am looking forward to April 20, 2016 - already have it in my calendarand with the grace of God all the boys will return with a few more recruited. Thake care and God Speed." Dennis O'Malley, St. Edwards, Cleveland OH & Hofstra University


"Thank you for all the hard work ... it was appreciated. I had a great time and won $700!" Greg Walter, St. James HS & Hoftra University.


"That was a great job getting Tom Nash to the Blast. You should be in charge of Holy Cross alumni relations. I'll look forward to #4 as I trust in Pete." Coach Griffin, Holy Cross HS, University of Rhode Island


"It was great to see many of my teammates, some for the first time in decades. I loved the stories - they were wonderful times, and it was fun to recall the memories. Thanks for all your efforts. I've marked my calendar for next year." Frank Orzo, Holy Cross HS


"I have to say that all of your hard work paid off. It was one of the most fun high school reunions I have ever attended. Everybody paired off with someone over a game, a school event or something else they had in common. And it was special to see Coaches Vinnnie O'Connor and Bob Griffin." (Blast #3)


"We all had a great time - and I will rub that in to Frank Orzo for scheduling a business meeting during tournament week! Unexpectedly I ran into Jeff Lund from Iona Prep with whom I went to William & Mary ... spent the evening with the Iona guys arguing over the '63 championship... We beat them early in the year ... little did anyone realize that if they had won that game they would have been league champs instead of us." (Blast #4)

Art Louise, Holy Cross HS and College of William and Mary


"The Blast was a hit once again. It was great seeing a bunch of new faces from last year, as well as the regulars." Greg Toop, Chaminade HS, Southern Connecticut, Asst. Coach, Merchant Marine Academy


"It was a lot of fun and it was awesome to reconnect with so many after all these years. Just great stories ... and Ed Robinson looks like he is ready to play. He was very, very good, by the way. Bob Griffin recruited me and Joe Tartaglia for URI - and he remembered us after all these years! What a terrific guy. Good to see him and meet his son. Anyway, it will be no problem getting Rob, Chuck and, hopefully, Bob Pie next year." Kim Purcell, Iona Prep, University of Rhode Island


"Hi Pete - what an enjoyable event, so glad I was there. Thanks for putting it all together." Dan Romanello, St. Francis Prep


"Big Pete - This was a home run as usual but even better. First, we had you there and healthy (Thank God). Next, the location was great and the girls were lovely! Great people, food and conversation. I think next year we need a high school challenge - Iona challenges to bring more players. We had 10 this year and growing. Next year 15! Thanks for a great night. You are the BEST!!" El Presidente Tom Rosato, Iona Prep, Hofstra & Westchester Country Club


"Pete - First of all thanks for all the hard work you putt into making the BLAST a great success and a great time. It was great seeing some of the guys I played with and against.


When I was 10 we moved up to Yonkers into an area called Crestwood which was just off the Bronx River Parkway and it was on the extreme north border of Yonkers. The Scarsdale train station was closer to my house than the Crestwood station. Tom Rosato lived four houses from me. I attended Annunciation School and from there I went over to Iona where I mingled with all the other knuckle heads. I am looking forward to next year's BLAST and if you ever want to play some golf I am only 30 minutes north of Myrtle Beach in golf heaven. Just give me a call." Kevin Koop, Iona Prep and South Carolina


"Pete - I did have a great time and you sure are right about John Heim. The Guinness Stout and hike to Grand Central made me realize how out of shape I am. Fortunately the trains were back and running so it was an easy trip home. I had to convince John not to escort me to Grand Central so he could catch his train at Penn Station. He is a good man like you. I will keep March 11, 2015 open." Buddy Denniston, Bronxville HS & URI, New Hampshire 



I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the Blast. I thought it was outstanding. Kudos to you. I met so many. great people. I appreciate your efforts.

Up Hayes!" 


Michael Carey President Cardinal Hayes HS


"Dear pete,

      Thanks for all of your work in making BLAST 24 one of the best ever. As you know I had lunch before the festivities began with Al Groh and Coach Cav as we always do. We were joined by Paul, and Ed Jenkins. And then my old Pal Art Louise, Bill Basel and the Chaminade assistant coaches stopped over. Many others too including the ex-long time baseball coach of Hayes. Best tom kiley, Chaminade"



      Great job this past Thursday night. You put in a lot of work to pull it off that goes unnoticed. It is alwasy great to see coaches and players from your school and then to see and meet players and coaches from other teams, some you know and some you are meeting for the first time. Again, great job! See you next year, Good Lord willing! - Coach Cav."


"Coach Martin

Thanks so very much for all your efforts in putting all the BLASTS together. Saving next year's date right now. Rich Doino Mt St Michael"




Thank you so much for recognizing Mario as well as your kindness both in your words and actions. What a wonderful event! We appreciate all the hard work Pete and his team put into it. Please be safe and hopefully we will be able to celebrate with everyone again. Good health, smile and remember God is good.

Joanna Valentini MT ST MICHAEL 

Have a great and safe day"


"Pete, you did it again. Terrific work brining so many guys together. The bonds between teammates and the respect for opponents last a lifetime. FB guys are the best guys to be around. I enjoyed meeting Mike Carey, Ed Krul, Frank Lyons - All really good guys, and of course, Art and Frank. Thanks for all your work. You are THE master Blaster. Happy Father's Day. See you June 12, 2025." Coach Al Groh



Thanks for all your hard work, it must be a labor of love. Great night yesterday. Thanks for the honor."

Bill Basel (Coach)



Another great Blast. Had not seen Artie Wilkins in over 50 years and Mike Nolan the same! Thanks, Bill Spelman Iona Prep/Union College"


"You did a great job... Everyone that I spole to found that someone they were looking for as well as a few they didn't expect to see, me included. I ran into Bob Griffin's son. I spole to Bob this morning and he said that his son had a great time." Art Louise Holy Cross HS/William and Mary


"Thanks Pete, wonderful event. Great seeing you and so many fine gentleman on Thursday, already looking forward to next year!"


Dan Fiel Chaminade/University of Virginia



You do an incredible job with this thing.. it is amazing... you should delegate some of those things so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor... Thank you so much for keeping the memory of my dad alive it is a matter of great pride for me...and yes I saw so many of those guys.. and Jim Mchugh was there and we spole again..He was at your house at that cookout many years ago and he finally got me caught of with how Desi Lawe was doing.. It really fills my heart to hear about or see the Hayes guys from those mid to late 60's and the early 70's teams. That's why I was really devastated when I heard about Stever Moor.. timing is everything in life. You couldn't be more right about Lou Nevermind about his incredible accomplishments... One of a kind human!! Have known him and his family since 1985 and he has been an amazing influence in my life.. much also can be said about what Mike OD has done at Stepinac.. but also just a great friend (we go back easily to 1980 as friends) and too... great person!!!

You know if I can make it work next June I will...

Stay well.. and thank you again!!


Best Always"




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