The Big East Blast
The Big East Blast

Our Mission

The Blast is an annual party that I conceptually formulated in my mind years ago.  My intention is simply for all participants to have a great time.  


My objective is to get great people I know to come and reunite. Since I was an athlete and a coach many participants have similar backgrounds as myself.  Men come from the CHSFL, PSAL, college athletes, coaches and friends. All are important parts of the ideal group.


Great people I know are also encouraged to invite other people to grow the Blast. My goal is to get a huge heterogeneous group of men that makes the Blast totally unique and special.


So simply stated the Blast is a one-of-a-kind party created by the Master Blaster and the Blast committee to be celebrated with all the Blasters for all the Blasters.


Pete “Master Blaster” Martin




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